Official Hydration Partner of Newcastle-Gateshead Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k and RunThrough

Fuel your Run with Nuun Hydration – Hydration starts with Nuun

Nuun offers a range of effervescent drink tablets that go beyond water, replenishing vital minerals that contribute to performance. The product line includes two variants: Nuun Sport Electrolytes and Nuun Ultra Hydration.

Nuun Sport Electrolytes, the flagship sports drink tablet product, is formulated with complete electrolytes and clean ingredients to help replace what is lost during exercise-induced sweating. With four delicious flavours, LemonLime, Orange, StrawberryLemonade, and TriBerry, Nuun Sport Electrolytes provides a great balance of ingredients for mineral replenishment to deliver hydration support before, during, and after any RunThrough event.

For high-need hydration occasions, like RunThrough trail events Nuun Ultra Hydration is inspired by pioneering science and developed to provide powerful hydration when it is needed the most. It is formulated with an optimised electrolyte carbohydrate blend to deliver proactive hydration support, ensuring you stay on track for every activity.

All Nuun products are made with no artificial colours or flavours and are Informed Sports Certified which means they do not contain ingredients and compounds prohibited in sport and can be used by athletes and sport professionals.

At Nuun we support the power of Muuvement in everyday life and so what better way to demonstrate that than supporting the runthrough community across the UK, to compete and complete amazing runthrough events through our great balance of ingredients for mineral replenishment, to deliver hydration support.